Test Data

A team of Encore's teachers with the COO and Dean of Academics make up the data committee that is disaggregating the test data to tell a more defined achievement picture based on sharing "apples to apples." (The information from these graphs are taken directly from TOMS, the CA state testing data website.)

These graphs will show the student achievement of Encore student mean scores versus the mean scores of schools and districts where they matriculate from.  CA Dashboard is broken down into colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue. This Dashboard will indicate how much improvement a school has made year over year. This is great information for the school and the families so the stakeholders of a school can be laser focused on getting results in areas that they are struggling in.

What is deceiving about the Dashboard is when comparisons are made from school to school or even school versus state. This outcome is deceiving because it compares the level of improvement, not the actual level of where the test scores were.

Encore's data team is specifically looking at individual students and comparing them to their home district schools to see the comparison of their individual achievement.  Then, Encore can determine how well they are closing the achievement gap for each individual student.

CA Dashboard presents skewed test results for schools like Encore because Encore is being weighed by the test score rubrics for high school. Encore also serves 7th and 8th grade. 

California does not disaggregate Encore's junior high students into a middle school test level to compare with other junior highs. Our junior high students are currently judged against the high school students for the entire state. This skews the achievement results.


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