Measurable Pupil Outcomes and Method by Which Pupil Progress Toward Outcomes Will be Measured
(Preliminary Renewal Petition language for submission for charter renewal 2021 - 2026)


Governing Law: The measurable pupil outcomes identified for use by the charter school. “Pupil outcomes,” for purposes of this part, means the extent to which all pupils of the charter school demonstrate that they have attained the skills, knowledge, and attitudes specified as goals in the charter school’s educational program. Pupil outcomes shall include outcomes that address increases in pupil academic achievement both schoolwide and for all pupil subgroups served by the charter school, as that term is defined in subdivision (a) of Section 52052. The pupil outcomes shall align with the state priorities, as described in subdivision (d) of Section 52060, that apply for the grade levels served by the charter school. Education Code Section 47605(c)(5)(B).


Students are graded on assignments, quizzes, mid-terms, and finals and are given a quarterly report posting their results of each class. Students have to pass a class with at least a 60% or higher in order receive credit for completing that class.  Students receiving a 90% or higher will receive the grade letter “A” on their report cards. Students receiving an 80 – 89% will receive the grade letter “B” on their report cards. Students receiving a 70 – 79% will receive the grade letter “C” on their report cards. Students receiving a 60 – 69% will receive the grade letter “D” on their report cards. Students receiving less than a 50% will receive a failing grade and will be required to retake the course to earn credit.  At the end of each semester, grades will start new.



The primary school-wide accountability measures at Encore will be the state mandated assessments included in the CAASPP testing program (e.g., the Smarter Balanced Assessments, the California Science Test (CAST), the California Alternate Assessment (CAA), and Benchmarks in the core Academics. Therefore, Encore High School will use the CAASPP as a primary measure of School success. Encore’s overall assessment process using a variety of measures will be reviewed and adjusted to State Standards as needed.


All students of Encore will take periodic practice tests to help them prepare for the State Standardized testing and help faculty assess areas that need extra attention.


Once Encore disaggregates data, departments and committees convene to create target goals and improvements.


  • Perform an analysis of the previous year’s scores. Analyze growth needed to improve Dashboard.

  • Establish target areas among sub-groups, including low-achieving students and English learners, and among curricular areas.

  • Analyze standards cluster results in each subject and set targets to raise all areas.

  • Align financial and staff development resources with established target areas.

  • Monitor results on benchmark tests, especially those within the target areas.

  • Reaffirm standards-based instruction ensuring that assessments and instruction are aligned with the standards.

  • Monitor pacing to ensure that all priority standards are taught prior to CAASPP testing.




Governing Law: The method by which pupil progress in meeting those pupil outcomes is to be measured. To the extent practicable, the method for measuring pupil outcomes for state priorities shall be consistent with the way information is reported on a school accountability report card. Education Code Section 47605(c)(5)(C).


The State Standards and multiple sources of data form the basis of Encore’s teachings. Performance assessments are evaluated with the use of in-common benchmarks and rubrics and are analyzed on a regular basis to help drive Encore’s educational program. The rubrics are used to inform students and parents about the standards for student work. Encore shall meet all statewide standards and conduct the required student assessments pursuant to Education Code Section 60605 and any other statewide standards or assessments authorized in statute.


Encore shall use the following assessment and reporting tools or the equivalent replacement:


  • The CAASPP testing program;

  • The CAST results Benchmark Testing

  • Student transcripts demonstrating successful completion of required academic courses.

  • An annual School-wide writing assessment.

  • School maintained records of graduates for the first five years after graduation.

  • NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress (“MAP”) to be used to show needs and progress in reading and math foundation skills.

  • ELPAC to show progress for EL students.

  • PSAT and SAT results for college bound students.

  • Completion of all transferable requirements for college-bound students.

  • Annual portfolios of student-selected work, reflections, resumes, and goals.

  • School-created student questionnaires regarding attitudes, goals, and interests.

  • Presentation and project rubrics created by teachers to measure success on student presentations and group and individual projects.

  • School-maintained records of attendance, suspension, and dropout rates.

  • Physical Fitness Test (“PFT”)


Students will be assessed academically by using the annual results of benchmark testing, the CAASPP assessment program, the CAST, and the ELPAC. They will also be given semester finals to monitor academic progress.


Encore affirms that its methods for measuring pupil outcomes for the Eight State Priorities, as described  in Section 4 of this charter, shall be consistent with the way information is reported on a School Accountability Report Card as required by Education Code Section 47605(c)(5)(C).




Encore will collect and analyze data on student achievement on a regular basis and provide student achievement data to staff, parents and guardians, and the District in the following manner:

  • School leadership, in collaboration with the teaching staff, will annually review the primary measures of School performance—the CAASPP results—in order to identify strengths and weaknesses at the school and departmental levels and set new performance targets at both the school and departmental levels.


  • Staff receive data on student achievement during staff meetings and use this data to help monitor and improve Encore’s education program. A data plan will be developed with an annual timeline for gathering and analyzing various student achievement data including CAASPP results, classroom grades, quarterly School-wide benchmark testing, the annual writing assessment, and student questionnaires. The timeline will identify staff meetings in which teachers reflect on and discuss student achievement data, determine what modifications to instruction are necessary, and what new goals to set for student achievement. Additionally, the review of the performance of at-risk and low achieving students will be ongoing throughout the year. Using this data, an SST may be convened to provide support to these students by creating an assistance plan.


  • Parents and guardians receive data on student achievement by mail annually.  Parents will receive reports on CAASPP assessments by mail. They will also receive six-week progress reports on classroom grades and the results of quarterly benchmark testing by mail. Current classroom grades including results for all assignments will be available to parents and students on Encore’s website by January of the first year. The School Accountability Report Card (“SARC”) will be published annually prior to the published deadline.


  • The District receives data on student achievement through School reports and/or presentations to the District’s Board of Education. These reports and/or presentations occur annually during Encore’s charter period and include formative and summative data to demonstrate that Encore is meeting state performance standards.



Encore will use the CAASPP assessment program to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses at a student, classroom, grade level, school and organization.


If any student is not making sufficient progress to meet the benchmarks, teachers, parents or administrators begin a Student Success Team.  From this meeting an action plan is created to support the student.



Encore High School will publish an Annual School Accountability Report Card (“SARC”). The SARC will be created using the models supplied by the California Department of Education as the state standards for reporting.




Pursuant to Education Code Section 47606.5, Encore will produce a Local Control Accountability Plan (“LCAP”), which shall update the goals and annual actions to achieve the goals identified in Section 3 of this charter regarding the State Priorities, using the LCAP template adopted by the State Board of Education. Encore shall submit the LCAP to the District and the County Superintendent of Schools annually on or before July 1, as required by Education Code Section 47604.33.


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