Admission Requirements 
(Preliminary Renewal Petition language for submission for charter renewal 2021 - 2026)

Governing Law: Admission policies and procedures, consistent with [Education Code Section 47605] subdivision (e).Education Code Section 47605(c)(5)(H).


  • Encore will admit all students who wish to attend and are residents of the State of California, subject to Encore’s capacity.

  • Encore will comply with all laws establishing minimum and maximum age for public school attendance in charter schools.

  • Admission, except in the case of a public random drawing, shall not be determined by the place of residence of the pupil or his or her parent or legal guardian within the state.

  • In accordance with Education Code Sections 49011 and 47605(e)(2)(B)(iv), admission preferences shall not require mandatory parental volunteer hours as a criterion for admission or continued enrollment.

  • In accordance with Education Code Section 47605(e)(4)(A), the Charter School shall not discourage a pupil from enrolling or seeking to enroll in the charter school for any reason, including, but not limited to, academic performance of the pupil or because the pupil exhibits any of the characteristics described in Education Code Section 47605(e)(2)(B)(iii), including pupils with disabilities, academically low-achieving pupils, English learners, neglected or delinquent pupils, homeless pupils, or pupils who are economically disadvantaged, as determined by eligibility for any free or reduced-price meal program, foster youth, or pupils based on nationality, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

  • Similarly, in accordance with Section 47605(e)(4)(C), the Charter School shall not encourage a pupil currently attending the Charter School to disenroll from the Charter School or transfer to another school for any reason, including, but not limited to the academic performance of the pupil or because the pupil exhibits any of the characteristics described in Education Code Section 47605(e)(2)(B)(iii), as listed above.

  • Pursuant to Education Code Section 47605(e)(4)(D), the Charter School shall post a notice developed by the CDE on the Charter School website, outlining the requirements of Section 47605(e)(4), and make this notice available to parents.

  • Encore shall be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations, shall not charge tuition, and shall not discriminate against any pupil based upon any of the characteristics listed in Education Code Section 220.

  • Encore is planning to reduce student population to 900 during the 20/21 school year due to COVID-19.  Encore's target population is 1,100 students in a non-COVID atmosphere, but recognizes that this population may not be feasible for the next couple years due to the affects of the global pandemic. 

  • Encore administration reserves the right to increase/decrease student population numbers.

Admision Requirements

  • Students must be a California resident, grades 7 through 12.

  • Complete an application for admission

  • Parents/Guardians and students must sign a contract agreeing to abide by School Code of Conduct including but not limited to dress code, social media, attendance, and behavior.

  • Guardians must complete an enrollment packet and turn the completed packet to the records office.  This can be done online or in person.

  • Students and parents/guardians must attend an on-campus orientation and tour prior to admission to school.

  • Students wishing to be placed into an arts conservatory will need to attend an arts audition. An arts audition is not a condition of enrollment, but an assessment to be able to place an artist appropriately.  Students not wishing to enter a conservatory do not need to audition.

Application Procedures


  • A parent or guardian can fill out the application packet online or in person. 

  • Families are encouraged to attend an in person or virtual interest meeting prior to completing the packet.

  • The enrollment packet must be completed in its entirety and turned in to the enrollment office. Encore will not be responsible for students whose contact information is not accurate.

  • If the number of admission applications exceeds the enrollment capacity by the enrollment deadline, Encore will hold a public random lottery to determine admission for the impacted grade level, with the exception of existing students, who are guaranteed admission in the following school year.

Admission preferences in the case of a public random lottery shall be given to the following students in the following order:

  1. Students with an arts conservatory audition classification of intermediate or above (priority not to exceed 50% of the available capacity)

  2. Siblings of students admitted to or attending Encore High School, children of Encore High School educators, administration, and staff 

  3. Students attending or residing attendance area for Juniper Elementary (for the purposes of eligibility for SB 740 Charter School Facilities Grant)

  4. Residents of the Hesperia Unified School District

  5. Other California residents

Encore and the District mutually agree that the preferences in the public random drawing as listed above are consistent with Education Code Section 47605(d)(2)(B)(i)-(iv).

The Encore School Board will take all necessary efforts to ensure lottery procedures are fairly executed. Lottery spaces are pulled in order of grade level by the designated lottery official (appointed by the Chief Executive Officer). Separate lotteries shall be conducted for each grade in which there are fewer vacancies than pupils interested in attending. All lotteries shall take place on the same day in a single location. Lotteries will be conducted in ascending order beginning with the lowest applicable grade level. There is no weighted priority assigned to the preference categories; rather, within each grade level, students will be drawn from pools beginning with all applicants who qualify for the first preference category, and shall continue with that preference category until all vacancies within that grade level have been filled. If there are more students in a preference category than there are spaces available, a random drawing will be held from within that preference category until all available spaces are filled. If all students from the preference category have been selected and there are remaining spaces available in that grade level, students from the second preference category will be drawn in the lottery, and the drawing shall continue until all spaces are filled and preference categories are exhausted in the order provided above.

Any applications not accepted through this lottery process will be used to develop a wait list pool of applicants on an ongoing basis and will be added to the wait list pool. The waitlist pool will be updated annually in the second semester. A waiting list of applicants at each grade level and arts conservatories level shall be maintained to fill vacancies that occur during the school year.

School Transcripts –

Once accepted and enrolled, a student must supply the final transcripts from the last school attended before scheduling into Encore. These records are critical to creating an appropriate academic plan. Fax and/or certified copies of transcripts are acceptable for out of state transcripts for initial enrollment, but must be replaced with actual transcripts within 90 days of enrollment.

Mid Term Acceptance –

If a student is accepted for admission midterm, they will have a maximum of two days to respond and enroll into Encore. If they do not enroll within two business days, their spot will go to the next available candidate.

Conservatory Arts Audition –

As part of the admission process, students wishing to enroll in arts courses are required to take part in an arts audition. This audition DOES NOT exclude any person from admission into Encore, however students placing at an intermediate level or above will receive enrollment priority up to 50% of the students accepted. It is a placement test for the level at which they should be placed in our Arts Conservatories.

Specific audition requirements will be posted on the Encore web site. This is a school of the Arts and will have intensive Arts training for all students. Students will be expected to fully participate in the arts programs that they are enrolled in. Students will be placed according to their mandatory audition in the level ranging from beginner to expert.

Parent Involvement -

Parents or guardians of enrolled students will be encouraged to be involved at Encore. However, Encore shall notify parents and guardians of applicant students and currently enrolled students that parental involvement is not a requirement for acceptance to, or continued enrollment at, Encore. Involvement hours will include on-campus and off-campus duties for parents unable to help during school hours. Parents will be offered multiple ways to be involved at Encore. Some involvement activities may include working the box office, chaperoning a school dance, field trips, general school maintenance, attending classes or events, attending events and conferences, or compiling forms at home.


If a student falls below the 2.0 GPA minimum academic requirement at Encore after they have been accepted to Encore, they will be placed on an Academic Probation Contract where they will have 60 days to raise their academic grades. During this Contract, they will have to submit weekly progress reports to their school counselor. If after 60 days, the grades have not been improved, the student will be required to enroll with an RTI Coach (Response to Intervention), and a Study Skills Class. They will also be required to attend after school tutoring at least one day per week and will be given an action plan on how to plan the week in study hall. If a student is not making an attempt (i.e. attendance and assignment completion) to raise their grades to at least a 2.5 GPA, they will be considered for removal from Encore in accordance with Encore’s discipline policies.


If a student is failing any arts class, they will not be allowed to participate in term art shows or performances. Any student receiving a “D” or “F” in an arts class will be placed on a Performance Probation Contract, where an action plan will be developed and put into place. They will have 60 days to raise their Arts grades. During this Contract, they will have to submit weekly progress reports to the Director of Arts. If after 60 days, the grades have not been improved, the student and parent will meet with the teacher and Director of Arts to discuss the reason for the continued failing grade. After a meeting with the student and their parent, a decision of further action up to dismissal from the School will be made by the administration.

Courses must be passed with a “C” or better to receive credit toward college acceptance.


Juniors and Seniors transferring from another school will have an independent assessment of course requirements to be able to graduate. Transfer Juniors and Seniors will not be penalized because courses from another district do not align with Encore’s pre-college graduation requirements.


Office: 760-949-2036

Hesperia: 760-956-2632 


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Established 08/08/08

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Encore Education Corporation does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender identity or expression, age, national origin (ancestry), ethnic group identification, mental and physical disability, marital or parental status, sex, sexual orientation, or military status, or genetic information in any of its activities or operations. The perception of one or more of such characteristics: or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Encore Education Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.