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Encore serves any student within the grades seven through twelve, mostly from the High Desert and Inland Empire Regions of California. Students that attend Encore have an interest in performing and/or technical arts. They are looking for alternate education programs to fit their individual needs. The development of Encore has created a unique experience for precollege education, giving each student an opportunity to learn how to succeed in a postsecondary institution or in a career. Artistic students, if they cannot find enough substance in the courses that they are enrolled in tend to struggle. Having the artistic focus at Encore helps these students excel by offering a variety of stimulus for these students on a daily basis. Students that may not have experience in the arts but an interest in it are motivated to study at this School as the rewards of participation in the arts programs are a reward worth working toward. Encore is a unique regional school that offers a unique and innovative education experience that fosters arts education and career growth.

2018/2019 Dashboard Data

Encore has made great improvements over the past two years as referenced by the California State Dashboard.  With a change in the management team and updates to programs, Encore has been able to improve testing results and Encore's Dashboard year over year.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 has suspended the Dashboard charts for the 19/20 school year. 

Encore's enrollment data from the 18/19 school year shows Encore with an enrollment of 1,017.  Due to Covid-19, Encore is projecting a 900 enrollment for the fall of 20/21.  Encore's socioeconomic disadvantaged population varies between about 60 - 65% every school year.  Encore has worked to keep this population equitable by offering busing from regions all over the high desert and the Inland Empire.  During the 19/20 school year, almost 800 students used the bus to get to school.  English Learners have always hovered between 8 and 13% at Encore.  During the 20/21 school year, Encore is employing new strategies such as an on demand phone translator to help support and service English Learners at Encore. 

The overall Dashboard for Encore gives parents a snapshot of the constant improvement and progress that is being made at Encore. 

  • Chronic Absenteeism - Year over year, this dashboard went  from orange to red.  This is a loss.  Encore recognized the issue at the end of the 18/19 school year and implemented different strategies to help improve absenteeism at Encore.  Since Encore is a regional school and students need to travel a distance to get to school, employing different short term independent study options, hybrid options, and independent study options improved chronic absenteeism during the 19/20 school year.  Encore also hired a new attendance manager that was more on top of supporting students that are habitually absent.

  • Suspension Rate - DECLINED 4.1%! Year over year, this dashboard went from orange to blue.   This is a gain. This is a three tier improvement year over year.  This improvement in the dashboard comes from the support given to students from the discipline department.  The Dean of Students and teachers employed use of "awesome tags" and awards to incentivize good behavior on campus and then the discipline department strategized to give students alternatives to suspensions when students made minor mistakes.

  • English Learner Progress - Encore had 73 EL Students in the 18/19 school year.  Of the EL students: 27.3% progressed at least 1 level / 10.9% maintained ELPI Level 4 / 28.7% maintained ELPI Levels 1, 2L, 2H, 3L, 3H.  In the 19/20 school year, Encore hired and trained a new EL Coordinator.  Encore also implemented a specific A-G High School EL English Class to help improve progress of English Learners.  

  • Graduation Rate - Year over year, this dashboard went from blue to yellow.  This is a loss. Encore has about 110 graduating seniors every school year.  When Encore accepts foreign exchange students, it affects the graduation rate.  Foreign exchange students that are enrolled as seniors do not graduate with the minimum requirements from the state of California.  Dependent on how many foreign exchange students come to Encore annually, the graduation rate on Dashboard is affected.  Encore is working on supports to fix this fluctuation in years to come.

  • College/Career - INCREASED 5.8 %! Year over year, this dashboard went from orange to green.  This is a gain. This is a two tier improvement.   All of Encore's arts programs are intended to be a stepping stone to careers after high school.  The instructors are credentialed through the CTE program (career technical education) and have always been teaching career readiness.  Encore needed to formalize and identify these programs in order for the state of California to recognize the completion of these programs.  During the 18/19 school year, Encore formalized programs that attributed to the increase in this area.  During the 19/20 school year, Encore continues to formalize programs and are now working on the issue of students completing a career pathway too early in their high school career.  This may show a fluctuation in the 19/20 school year.  Encore is also working on getting more dual enrollment with students going to VVC to improve the college and career population further.

  • English Language Arts - INCREASED 18.4 POINTS!  Year over year, this dashboard went from orange to yellow.  This is a gain. This is a one tier improvement year over year.   Encore updated the curriculum for the junior high classes.  During the 19/20 school year, Encore also moved academic classes to meet every day with junior high students and updated the remediation programs for junior high.  Encore is continuing with the change to junior high during the 20/21 school year (Covid-19 allowing) and are poised for additional improvements in the coming years.

  • Mathematics - INCREASED 19.9 POINTS! Year over year, this dashboard went from red to yellow.  This is a gain. This is a two tier improvement year over year.   Encore changed the math curriculum in 2016 in hopes of improving math for junior high students.  This change in curriculum did not improve math, so Encore returned to the traditional progression of math during the 18/19 school year.  Seventh grade students are enrolled in traditional high school pre algebra and eighth grade students are enrolled in tradtiional high school algebra classes.  Junior high students receiving a "C" or lower in their math class are placed into a math remediation class for the 20/21 school year.

  • Basics: Teachers, Instructional Materials, Facilities - Year over year, this dashboard went from "standard not met" to "standard met".  This is a gain. Encore's administration went to specific Dashboard training to learn how to report Local Indicators appropriately.  This resulted in multiple sections of Dashboard moving from "standard not met" to "standard met."

  • Implementation of Academic Standards - Year over year, this dashboard went from "standard not met" to "standard met." This is a gain.

  • Parent and Family Engagement - Year over year, this dashboard went from "standard not met" to "standard met." This is a gain.

  • Local Climate Survey - Year over year, this dashboard went from "standard not met" to "standard met." This is a gain.

  • Access to a Broad Course of Study - Year over year, this dashboard went from "standard not met" to "standard met." This is a gain.


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